Commercial Membership

R 5,600

By Purchasing This Membership, You Acknowledge That You have Read And Understand The "Terms And Conditions" And "Site Rules".

From 15th December to 15th January, MFC will limit TFI's to a maximum of 12. Be aware that you may not be included in the 12. So before purchasing a Commercial Membership, check with Cloudbase Paragliding - ( Jan Minnaar) whether you will be able to fly during that period.

NB:  Be aware, prior to purchasing your membership, that sometime in 2024 there will be some construction on The Map. This will alter the parking that is currently used by the schools. It could also change the landing in the NW corner of The Map.

NOTE: A commercial member cannot purchase a membership for another pilot.  Each pilot has to physically purchase their own membership. Purchasing someone else's membership will result in both parties losing their membership permanently, without refund. It is critical that each member personally acknowledge our "Terms And Conditions Of Service" prior to use of the site.

All Instructors need to purchase their own Commercial Membership. Being affiliated with a school that has one or more such licensed instructors and or TFI's, does not relieve them of this obligation.

Can Use Site As A Pilot
Can Bring Groups To The Map
Can Instruct Student Pilots - Each Instructor, Who Is Not A Tandem Pilot, Needs To Purchase A Commercial Membership                                                 Can Do Commercial Tandems

The "Commercial Membership" is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

This membership is non-transferable and non-refundable. This membership affords the member the right to launch tandem flights by hang glider or paraglider with paying clients from "The Map Of Africa" hang gliding/paragliding site, instruct SAHPA Licensed students in the sport of hang gliding or paragliding, use the site as a hang gliding or paragliding pilot during the period of the membership and to bring groups of pilots to "The Map Of Africa" hang gliding/paragliding site for commercial purposes.  No other rights or privileges are afforded or implied with this membership.

This membership does not require any payment or membership fees from the tandem passengers/clients.  

Each student or pilot with a group will be required to purchase their own appropriate membership.

The appropriate SAHPA licensing is required to purchase this membership.